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ROL B.jpg

Well, here is my final post about  a Tom Wright and Co. building. This one is also not built yet, but it will be absolutely incredible once it is finished. This building will serve three functions. First, it will be a retail area. The first four floors are going to be filled with stores and become a four story mall. The second function is office space, and they will devote five stories to this purpose. The final function is featured on the 10th (and final!) floor, and this floor will hold two grand ballrooms for weddings. Located in Tehran, Iran, this building is going to become a modern, iconic building that they want to help beautify and bring this area of town to a new, up and coming age. The coolest feature is that there will be a ribbon of lights (hence the name) that flows on the outside of the building. This design reminds me a lot of Downtown Dallas, where the Omni Hotel and Reunion Tower have moving lights on their exteriors too. I think it’s a really beautiful design, and it has the potential to become as famous as the Burj Al Arab. It also looks very futuristic, almost like a space ship, and I can’t wait to see what the inside will look like once it has been completed.


WKK Neocleous Apartments V2 Day.jpg

Here is another cool design by Tom Wright and his architecture team. This is a residential building, rather than his previous resort designs. It is located in Limassol, Cyprus, and is not finished yet, but is currently in construction phases. This building is interesting because it is built in a stair-step shape. Tom Wright is constantly playing with shapes, and this is no different. Although, it is not as cool of a design as the Burj Al Arab. This apartment complex is cool because not only does everyone have a balcony, but they also have surface parking, and that offers a lot of green and outside space connected to each apartment. Considering this is in the middle of a densely populated area, it is a commodity that there is so much outside space for each living space. This is also a cool building because they plan on having a green roof, and the vines crawling up remind me of the vines climbing the parking garage of one of the buildings that our speaker showed us Thursday the 19th of November. All in all, I’m impressed with this apartment, and I would totally love to live here because it’s high end and it would feel like I have a yard, even though I’m a couple stories up in the air. Here is a 3D model that I also think is cool to see. I can’t wait to see how it looks when construction is done! Model By TL Model Makers

Carnegie Building at OU

This building is also very important to me because it is where I take classes for my minor, which is classics. This building is also super cool because it holds a lot of historical value. It is a building created with a grant from the Carnegie Foundation to create a library. For those of you who don’t know, Andrew Carnegie is a big deal and he commissioned the building of  libraries all over the country. However, OU was the first college given money by the foundation, because previously the money had been given to cities for public libraries. The Carnegie building is well over 100 years old, and it definitely shows it on the inside. There are two staircases and they are the creakiest and loudest stairs I have ever walked on. The inside is oddly configured as well. The outside is awesome, though, because I learn about Greek culture on the inside, and it is obvious that the aesthetic of the building is modeled after Greek temples. I would love to redesign and renovate the inside, but I love the outside. Plus, it sits directly across from Old Science Hall, my favorite building on campus.


Jumeirah Beach Hotel 5 WKK.jpg


This is a beach hotel resort, that spans 65,000 square meters. This hotel is built in the shape of a wave, and it has 598 rooms that all face towards the ocean, as well as another of Tom Wright’s buildings- the Burj Al Arab. This hotel also has 16 restaurants, which is very impressive to me. This building is very cool to look at- it almost seems to defy the laws of physics with it’s design. It perfectly mimics the ocean waives, and it’s truly incredible to see a building made in such an unconventional shape. I think the wave shape really compliments the sail shape of the Burj Al Arab right next door. I also think its a cool concept that he designed the hotel to where every single room has a view of the ocean, because often you go to beach hotels, but you’re on the other side from the ocean. This building is just another iconic image that is associated with Dubai, an apparent favorite place for Tom Wright. The pools that are surrounding the resort are also very beautifully built, and I think it would be awesome to get to stay here.

Quantum of the Seas-Tom Wright

Quantum Northstar design WKK 2

Though I can’t give all credit to Tom Wright on this one (it’s his whole design team), it’s still a very exciting project. For this project, he worked with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on their brand new cruise ship line. This one is absolutely incredible because the ship is gorgeous and features an indoor basketball court that they have the ability to convert into a skating rink or a bumper car arena. A brand new invention that Tom Wright and his associates specifically created for this ship: the Northstar viewing pod. This is a luxury pod connected to a crane that takes the guests up and swings them (gently) out over the water so that they can look at the ocean in a new and exciting way. I’m afraid of heights, so it seems kind of scary to me, but it would still be an awesome experience to feel like you’re just dangling over the water. I imagine it would be kind of like you’re flying a space shuttle through the air. This ship is huge, too, and I would definitely like to take a cruise, because of how beautiful it is. quantum-north-star.jpg

South Quarter, Jakarta- Tom Wright

First off, let me start this second post on Tom Wright by saying that he is very difficult to find information on, as the only building of note he’s already finished is the Burj Al Arab. However, these are the future and/or current projects listed on his sight.

Construction progress August 2013

WKK South Quarter Jakarta 10.jpg

Here we have the South Quarter, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This project is actually going to be a multi-use development with offices and restaurants, as well as living quarters and shopping. It will be spread out across 5 different towers. This construction is also very earth-friendly, which is nice considering it is so many buildings. For example, there is something called a grey water recovery system that leads to a 25% reduction in fresh water demand for the project. There is also an organic facade around the building that reduces the energy demand for the buildings by 35%. These buildings in the South Quarter will also have nature roofs to harvest the natural and abundant rainfall in Jakarta. So far, they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing buildings I’ve seen, but I like that they’re earth conscious and it’s a cool concept to have all of your living necessities in one development.

The Burj Al Arab by Tom Wright


This is a building that most people will recognize created by the architect Tom Wright. It is located in Dubai and is a hotel that is literally out in the ocean. The Burj Al Arab is designed to be in the shape of a sail, resembling the sail boats that coast around in the ocean. This is the third tallest hotel in the world, however 39% of it’s total height is space that can not be occupied. They literally created an island to build the hotel on, and it is connected to mainland Dubai via a bridge. Tom Wright wanted to create something that would be iconic for Dubai, just like the Sydney Opera House is to Australia. The outside of the building is amazing, but the inside of the building is stunning. It has a huge lobby and ocean inspired decor. I had seen this building before but I hadn’t really thought about just how cool it is. Like this is an architectural magical feat built in 6 years and it is grandiose and features a huge fish tank in the middle of one of the restaurants. So if you haven’t looked at this building in detail before, I encourage you to, because it has a lot of awe-factors.

Highland Park High School

Here is a building that dredges up hate when I think of it. It was my high school in Dallas, and one of the most influential buildings that I have been in. I spent every day of four years inside these walls, and I never want to go back again. Inside, there are the memories of my friends, but every time I see red brick I am reminded of Highland Park. The outside is nice, collegiate, and fairly clean architecture. It has roman or Greek accents, with the big staircase and the triangle arch on the very front. And, as much as I didn’t like high school, this building still holds a lot of important memories. I had choir concerts in our old auditorium, and countless tests in the wing to the left you see in the picture. My dad went there, and there are pictures of family members in different hallways. I think if the building could be modernized, at least on the inside, it would make it a lot better, but the old school architecture on the outside is reflected in the inside.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

<b>St. Patrick’s Cathedral</b> |

Though I only had the grand opportunity to visit once, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City still sticks in my mind to this day. It is a building that doesn’t fit in with the modern architecture surrounding it. It is ancient, and made in a gothic style that is so incredibly ornate and detail-oriented that even though I’ve only been there once, I can still remember it. Inside, the cathedral is huge, and must be able to seat thousands. There are murals all over the ceiling and walls. I was fortunate enough to get to sing here with my choir, and the acoustics of the place are out of this world. My choir was ranked in Texas, but this took our voices to a whole new level. If you ever get the opportunity to go to New York, see the tourist places like the Empire State Building, but also make sure you see St. Patrick’s. It was a truly incredible and humbling experience to get to perform inside of such a grand building.

Greenland Hills United Methodist Church

Greenland Hills United Methodist Church

This is the church I grew up in. I don’t attend anymore, but it is a building that holds many childhood memories, as well as the newest one, which is the funeral of my father. This is a small building, with a simple design. There is an add-on that you can see is just a wall full of windows, and that’s what the entire add on looks like. Floor to ceiling windows. It’s absolutely stunning, and it let’s so much light into the reception hall. However, it is very modern compared to the modest and old look of the rest of the church, so it can seem a bit jarring  if you’re not used to seeing it everyday. When you walk into the sanctuary, it is all high ceilings and simple wooden beams. It is really cool to me that I saw a building start out simply, as a child, and that as I have grown up, so too has the building. Also, though the church is small, it’s well known in the Dallas community. It’s nestled inside of a neighborhood, unlike most Dallas churches, and instead of showing off like some do, it reflects the more modest means of what it’s religious purpose is: to serve others and be beautiful in it’s simplicity.