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The Alexander

The Alexander Hotel is in Indianapolis, Indiana and was designed by Gensler & Associates.  This modern hotel has a fitness center, restaurant, bar, and conference centers in addition to 209 rooms.  This hotel also has a storm water collection system and irrigation systems with an energy conservation system.  I think it is great that the hotel is eco-friendly while also providing enough amenities so that the guests won’t have to leave the hotel for every meal or a drink.

Shore Hotel


The Shore Hotel is in Santa Monica, California.  It replaced two older hotels that were out-dated near the ocean.  Even the rooms that do not face the ocean have views of beautiful pools off the balcony.  The hotel holds up to 164 guests.  The minimalist design lets guests focus on the scenery around them.

Community Hospital @ Yishun

This large hospital in Singapore was a collaboration between Gensler & Associates and HDR was designed to help Asia’s aging population.  It is really a hospital within a garden.  the beautiful layout of the building allows sunlight and nature to enter most areas of the hospital.  This is a great example of the work of Gensler.  is is beautiful and modern while still serving a purpose.

McCann office

Located in New York, McCann headquarters has been renovated by Gensler and Associates to update the old corporate appearance.  McCann is an advertising company that wanted a more modern workplace that could also function as an entertainment area for clients in the evenings.  The open spaces and large windows allow light to flow into every space of the 5 story building, offering a more inviting workplace.  People are able to collaborate with each other as often as they please, but may also work alone.  

The Avenues Phase III

The Avenues, a project by Gensler and Associates is a large scale shopping mall located in Kuwait City, Kuwait.  This building is connected to the two earlier phases through open courtyard plazas.  It houses over 500 shops and includes a foodcourt of over 50 restaurants.  Each section of the mall has a unique environment simulating other iconic areas such as Champs Elysees and New York’s Soho neighborhood.  In many areas, the ceiling is completely made of glass, allowing light into the mall.  Combined with the trees and plants throughout the mall, this makes the shopper feel as if they are outdoors.  The open design makes this destination desirable for shopping and for leisure.  The large scale of this series of buildings is impressive and unique.  

Autodesk, San Francisco

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.59.55 PM

Designed by Gentler & Associates, this Autodesk office building has an open floorpan and modern design.  It is an optimal space for collaborative designing and casual meetings.  Autodesk is a company that specializes in 3D design software with emphasis on creativity.  There are communal meeting areas, game rooms, and more formal conference rooms with bright colors allow many options for Autodesk employees to work in different ways.