The Metropolitan Museum of Art—–New York


This Museum is the largest art museum in US, and it is the famous  museum in the world. This museum is founded in 1870. I visit to the museum with my mom on May. I’m a lot of curiosity to walked into the museum.  It was very magnificent. The rich collections were  placed in the 19 different areas. Walking in the museum is like walking in the time tunnel, at different times in different regions you will see a different cultures. From ancient Egypt to medieval Europe, from Greece to the modern times of United States, from Asia to Africa, Up to now, the museum has total of three millions collection to exhibit. It is the world’s leading major museum. That is the great and wonderful journey.

Temple of Bel


The Temple of Bel is located in Palmyra, Syria. It is in the middle of the dessert with nothing much around it except sand. I visited this heritage site in 2008 to attend a wedding that took place next to the roman columns that surrounded the city. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. However, the picture above is not the Temple of Bel but a Roman theater that is located about 300 feet from the temple. Sadly the 2000 year old Temple was destroyed a year ago during the current civil war.

Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus

four seasons Hotel damascus

This is the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus Syria. It is one of the largest and most luxurious hotels in the country. I approached this building in 2009 to visit my friend that has just landed from Switzerland. The outside was beautiful, there was a huge garden with water fountains and tall palm trees surrounding the resort. For me the inside was an extraordinary experience, I could definitely tell this hotel is the fanciest in the country. The lobby made me feel like I was in another country, its ceiling were tall and heavily decorated. This visit definitely  gave me a positive experience on architecture.

The Round Barn



The “Round Barn” north of Pond Creek, Oklahoma is a beautiful building (in my opinion, much more so than the Arcadia Round Barn.) The guy who built it, Marvin Bules, lets people host events in it for free, so my Junior class set our Prom to be in it. We spent a week decorating the beautiful spiral staircase, farmhouse windows, and the ramp to the barn door. We strung lights from the staircase, which cascaded down to the edges of the ceiling. The lower level of the barn had a concrete floor, which was great for cooling down after an intense dance to the Electric Slide. I’ve also been to a wedding in the Round Barn. Being inside the barn kind of feels like being in a snow globe made of wood. The walls surround you in comfortable curves, not harsh corners. It is a beautiful event space that makes me awestruck every time I walk up the ramp.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney's Contemporary Resort as seen from Bay Lake
Disney’s Contemporary Resort as seen from Bay Lake

Disney’s Contemporary Resort opened on October 1, 1971 along with Walt Disney World’s first theme park, Magic Kingdom, and Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. This resort was meant to blend in with Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom because guests would be able to view it while experiencing Tomorrowland. I stayed at this hotel on my first trip to Disney World in 1998 and have since stayed there several times. I have been to Disney World many, many times and stayed a most of their different resorts, but my favorite resort has always been the Contemporary. Every time I see the resort it brings back memories of some of my earliest trips to Disney World staying at the resort: the unlimited Surge Icees my brother and I would get from the snack bar, the many times eating at Chef Mickey’s with my family, and many others. Even if my family is not staying there that trip, no trip is complete without a stop at the Contemporary.

U.S. Capitol Building – AOC Restoration


An almost always appropriate declaration to be made about architecture is that “the picture doesn’t do it justice”.  That is the case for the U.S. Capitol Building, located (Hopefully this isn’t news to anyone) in Washington, D.C.! I toured most of D.C. after winning an essay contest in high school.  Friends and family were shocked when my response to the FAQ, “what monument did you like most about D.C.”, was the U.S. Capitol… but not the actual building, or even the dome in the center, I was struck with awe by the monumental inner tube supporting it! Please don’t misunderstand me, I loved everything about D.C., there were plenty other monuments that I enjoyed but I knew what to expect with the others, on the contrary this was completely out of place and magnificent! I put the link below from which I acquired the attached photo.  It also explains the restoration project that was taking place at the time of my visit.