Boomer!! Sooner !!

Significant snowfall makes for a beatiful wintry scene at Bizzell Library at the University of Oklahoma. Shot on the night of January 29, 2010.
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I don’t have to introduce you all to this picture!! This picture is the old library at The University of Oklahoma. This build had defined the University of Oklahoma to me before I actually came here as a student. This building had so much positively influenced my academic life and emphasized my dreams for college. Due to this Oklahoma heritage, I was encouraged to attend OU. Every time I walk by this building it makes me feel proud of the Oklahoma heritage and feel honored to be a part this tradition as I will share it all my life. BOOMER! SOONER!!

First Impressions is Everything

Sarkey_OGS annual_report_1908 2008.pdf
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This is Sarkeys Energy Center is the largest and tallest building on the campus of the University of Oklahoma (OU), Norman, Oklahoma. This building has a personal sensation as I attended my First college class in this building. As the earlier blog on old library displayed OU heritage, this building leaves an impression of the modern architect on OU campus. I love how this building has landscaping on top yet still two basement floor under it. This could be also one of the buildings where I love to spend my time on OU campus. This build has 15 floors and offers everything inside one build: it holds 6 auditorium size classroom and lots small classes with a huge library for student and meeting room space. Also, it offers two coffee and café shop inside it.  Therefore, I love the build and praise architect for its design and thinking process to offer to everything in one building.

The Unique City

IMG_2961Why did he took a picture of Lego building? Building Lego architect is very easy and for kids! (The actual build in so big that it will not fit on a single frame) This building is lego model of The Empire State Building in New York City. Last summer we went to New York and had a chance to visit a lot of skyscraper and architect design in New York City. We went to two of Trump Tower building, World Trade Center, Wall Street Complex, Trinity Church, Empire State Building and few other. In between all the building we went Empire State Building was so significantly tall. As you can see that I have to out a picture of lego model as the whole building will not fit my camera screen. There were so much pride and hard work in this building. It reflects the power of unity and strength focusing nothing is impossible and the sky is the limit. An architect like this influence our thinking and help us dream bigger.

The Different World

VilliageI want to start my blogging with the place where I started my life. This picture was taken in India representing a community (village). As you can see in this picture, that all the home assembles together right next to each other with a common wall separating each house. This type of architecture symbolizes symmetrical design and mutual connection in peoples staying there. This architecture had emotion and positive force in my life. Living in this place bring everyone together because you are very close to your neighbor. There are almost 150 families staying in this village yet when staying here you just feel like one. I was able to learn and carry community’s connection and “easy going” nature while staying at this place.

Architecture and Community

sikhism_holy_golden_temple c Carroll'sWhat if someone told you that there is a whole building where the outer coating made out gold! Would you be excited to see that and feel that gold wall by your hand? Well, you need to go to Punjab, India. There is a temple call “Golden temple”. You can see that in this picture how gold is use in architecture reflecting uniqueness in its design. Instead of using colors for outer wall, the build uses a gold coating. When I saw this building I felt like I never want to leave this place. The surrounding building and the entire complex make you feel a kingdom. This place was built as a community during wartime symbolizing community connection and remaining together as a community. I have followed this idea and learned that if you take part in society and gain community ties you will experience a greater quality of life and never have to fight bad time alone.

Most Peaceful Place.

Small Temple.png  1166×617


Lastly, temples (mandir) have greatly influence in my life. As you saw the picture, where the whole place is so rich will spiritual element symbolizing calmness and peace, goodwill and harmony. These temples also are representing a lot of different architect designs depending on location and spirituality. Unlike in other religions and places, it is not mandatory for a people to regularly visit their temple. Temples are often visited on auspicious occasions and as some regular occurrence. However, I visit these temples mostly for calmness and meditating. There are the very great amount of temples around the world and Oklahoma City has one at: 7200 N Coltrane Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 7312.

Robert E. Lee Home in Arlington National Cemetery

Robert E. Lee’s Home in Arlington National Cemetery has meaning to me because it signifies the ability to forgive and heal. As a Confederate General, he left as the Civil War was heating up and it was taken and turned into a cemetery. I don’t know why or if it was due to harsh feelings towards Robert E. Lee, but all of those feelings have been erased from the property. Robert E. Lee’s Home is now the final home of thousands of America’s soldiers who gave their lives for this Country. Regardless of which side of the War they were on, soldiers are buried here because we all have one thing in common, we are Americans. It says a lot to me about being a final home for such a wide variety of people from so many years and the one thing they have in common is their sacrifice and commitment to the United States. Lee’s home just looks solid and the pillars in front appear immovable. It is as though the place was build to last forever as the home for the Fallen. The simple yet sturdy build appeals to me and my personality, but what it represents to me makes the building even more attractive. I will go back any chance I get, and I recommend anyone go visit if you get the opportunity. It is powerful for sure


Building O – The Commons on Oak Tree


Built in 1998, building O at the Commons on Oak Tree, serves as a student living apartment for those attending the University of Oklahoma. Its three story, four bedroom two bath layout, is only $340 per month. In fact, for the last eighteen months, it has served as my residence in Norman.

When I first saw this building, I was glad to simply have a roof over my head. However, the appearance and floorplan left a lot to be desired. The wood paneling on the outside is painted in colors that don’t match whatsoever. The layout of the building, or at least my floorplan, provides a large living room, a small kitchen with limited awkward counter space, two small bathrooms, and an average size bedroom. The minimal upkeep of the building’s façade makes it easy for birds to nest, and bugs to creep in, often leaving you with more than four roommates. I finally move out in July.

All Saints Catholic Church



Built in 1979, All Saints Catholic Church serves as the focal point for a religious community of over 3,449 families in the Dallas area. As a church, it serves many similar purposes to other churches in the area housing departments of Liturgy, Music, Religious Education, and Youth Ministry. It has also served as my home parish growing up.

As a kid, I hated having to wake up early on Sundays to go to mass. However, most of the time I was there I wasn’t even paying attention to the service. My eyes were always focused on the magnificent stained glass depiction of Jesus rising from the dead that sits high above the altar, as well as the massive organ pipes that fill the half circle chapel with music. In fact, many times I would be looking for friends, or even catch myself daydreaming about the memories I’ve made in this building. After all, isn’t that what faith and community are all about? Helping shape us into who we are.

Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower is a landmark of the Dallas, Texas, skyline. The city will return to the spotlight with teh return of "Dallas" on TNT. (Helen Anders/Austin American-Statesman/MCT) 07042012xMETRO 07082012xMETRO 08102012xGUIDE


Built in 1978, and towering 561 feet in the air, Reunion Tower is a focal point on the Dallas skyline. The primary purpose of the building is to serve as an observation deck which overlooks the city. However, it is also home to a restaurant and was once home to a radio station. Often it is even light up to signify certain events, or recognize the success of local sports teams.

Being from Dallas, you grow up simply calling it “The Ball.” However, it’s grown to be much more than that. Today, it serves a place marker off in the distance representing that I’m almost home. As a child, I remember my first trip to “The Ball,” and wondering how people actually built a ball that high in the air.