Science Hills Komatsu – Mari Ito/UAo

Completed in 2013 and designed by Mari Ito, Science Hills Komatsu is a science museum in the city of Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan.  The complex is composed of four buildings that resemble waves in the earth as they gently slope in and out of the ground.  The gentle shapes help the complex blend in better with the surrounding low-rise buildings.  Parks on roofs being one of my favorite things, the way the roofs blend into the ground is incredibly appealing, taking the green roof concept to a wonderfully natural level.


Quito Vive- Felipe Escudero


Quito Vive is the most famous sculpture of Felipe Escudero. Quito is the place where Felipe live and work, and Vive is Spanish means lives or life in English. From the picture , we can see a livable and lovely community from the faces on local people. the sculpture bring vitality and energy for everyone  passed by. the sculpture looks like made by hundreds of curving iron slices. Each slice has different style and shows unique vitality. people in the square must come and see it. Thought the iron slice reflex, people may see themselves more actual. I really like the sculpture here and I hope someday i will see a impressive structure in my hometown someday.




Clothe chair- Felipe Escudero

The Cloth Chair was make by Felipe Escudero in 2012. As a art work in London Private Collection, it attracted lots of people attentions. It is totally wrong is you think it is a traditional chair, the Cloth Chair was made by a single sheet of woven aluminium fibers. All parts of the chair such as legs, back rest, and seat are merged into a single material which like a clothes. It looks like so simple, but its function is still outstanding.  The Clothe Chair is 600 mm length, 650 mm width, and 750 mm height. and now this chair was in a private collector’s hand.



5305 Cherry St. House


Architect Bruce Goff, who is big into organic architecture, designed this house in 1967. This house is known as the Nicole house and has an octagonal foundation to the home, standing at 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. The inside does not look like it would have a home-like feel, but more of an architectural lobby for an office building. I personally would not enjoy living in this house because of how unique it is. I enjoy more of a standard, modern home. For people who like different or unique qualities to a home, this could be a home they could enjoy. This home is a prime example of Bruce Goff’s one of a kind homes.


Jacob Harder House

Jacob House

Bruce Goff created this, “house” like house called the Jacob Harder House. In a book called “Minnesota Off The Beaten Path: A Guide To Unique Places”, the Jacob Harder House, “has been described by one architectural historian as looking like a pregnant spaceship…sheathered in fish-scale shingles. It was Bruce Goff’s last creation made in 1971. I cannot argue the house looking like a spaceship, as well as it being his last creation.

IT University of Copenhagen




The IT University of Copenhagen was designed by distinguished architect, Henning Larsen, in 2004. This building is absolutely beautiful with streamline and modern design. The interior of the building is very modern, minimalistic and clean. This building is exactly what comes to mind when I think of technology. The outside of the building is made up of almost all windows, letting in enormous amounts of natural light and over looking beautiful landscape.

Burberry Store – Chicago, IL




On Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL there is a Burberry store with an incredibly unique design. The five story store opened in November of 2012 and was designed by Callison Barteluce Architects and cost approximately $10,000,000 to build. This new building replaced the original two story Burberry store built in 1939. The outside of the building is black chrome that mimics the infamous Burberry design pattern and covered in LED lights that accentuate the design at night. Inside the store is very modern and the patterned outside allows for many windows that bring in natural light.

Ft Worth Museum of Modern Art

Inspired by Tadao Ando’s Museum of Modern Art in Japan, this museum was built to mirror its twin.  It is highly energy efficient, allowing for plenty of natural light to enter without damaging the artwork.


The museum itself is also a work of art. Tadao Ando designed for the building to highlight and create balance around natural features such as water surrounding areas of the structure.



Tadao Ando does a fantastic job of keeping his buildings attractive while using concrete as their primary building material.