Coop Himmelblau – Busan Cinema Center / Busan International Film Festival

Busan Cinema center in Busan, South Korea, was designed by Wolf D. Prix/COOP HIMMELB(L)AU and was completedin 2011.

For the building, Wolf D. Prix, the co-founder of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU received as the first architect in South Korea the honorary citizenship of the city of Busan from the hands of Mayor Hur Nam-sik. The award is the highest recognition conferred by the city to personalities who have promoted Busan’s standing in Korea or abroad.

It has the longest free cantilever in the world with a span of 85 meters for a roof surface of 60 x 160 meters, the three-dimensional steel space frame is connected to a single large cone-shaped column which also houses a café and entrance.

LED saturated outdoor roof elements acting as a virtual sky connect building-objects and plaza-zones into a continuous, multifunctional public urban space.

The building is one I won’t mind visiting one day.

Park Cafe Pavillion

By Jurgen Mayer-Hermann, this sits right in-between the city center and seafront of Batumi and is located in St. Barbara Park. There is a screen on the sculpture that provides information from the local office of tourism while the structure provides shaded open-air terraces. The aerial view is amazing. The future is now.

Peter Zumthor, Kolumba Museum, Cologne


The Kolumba is an art museum in Cologne, Germany. It is one of the oldest museum in the city. The museum was founded by the Society of Christian Art in 1853 and brought over and constructed in 1989. During WWII  the building was destroy and was restructure by Zumthor with the ruins that was left over after the war.

There are collections of paintings, drawings, prints sculptures, and decorative art.

Coop Himmelb(l)au – Dalian International Conference Center

Dalian is an important seaport, industrial, trade, and tourism center, located in the southernmost part of the Liaodong Peninsula in the Chinese Liaoning Province.

Mayor of the Chinese city of Dalian headquarters met BMW, whose cornerstone is a monumental ramp rotating when you touch the soil looks like a hurricane. The mayor wanted such a building for your city.

The architects were Coop Himmelb(l)au, Wolf D. Prix, Alexander Ott

The urban design task of the Dalian International Conference Center is to create an instantly recognizable landmark at the terminal point of the future extension of the main city axis. As its focal point the building will be anchored in the mental landscape of the population and the international community.

I think the concept of the building is really cool, for it to look like a hurricane is something I would never have thought of.

Peter Zumthor, Bregenz Kunsthaus


Zumthor built  the Kunsthaus Bregenz between 1990 to 1997, located in Austrain Federal State of Vorarlberg.  The Kunsthaus Bregenz is one of Europe’s leading galleries for contemporary art. The building is an art museum, which stands in the light of Lake Constance. With its many widows, the lake give life to the building, bring life to the building.

Perot Museum

I was expecting my first experience of the Perot Museum to be quiet because it was spring break and mid-day, but in Dallas, TX it was Bring-every-grade-school-class-to-the-museum-day. From the exterior, I was blown away that this was a place I could actually enter and visit because from my experience, these places seem unattainable. getting to go up the escalator was very exciting because from the outside during the daytime, I couldn’t tell what that part was. It was also nice seeing so many kids enjoy the interactive exhibits. There was a wheel that you could spin and it would show whatever you wrote out in lights and a kid yelled, “THIS IS MY INVENTION!” I love science.

Peter Zumthor, Bruder Kaus Chapel


The Bruder Klaus Chapel located in Mechernich, Germany, was fomred by setting a wigwam of rough hewn trunks within a concrete block, 112 tree trunks.

The Chapel started as a sketch and eventually was built by local farmers who wanted to honor their patrons saint, Bruder Klaus.  The first step of the building  is a riding trunks tha shuttering will have to endure later reinforced concrete, the formwork without completely cover up the 12m high. Inside the Chapel is  the trunks that was once consumed leaving a space that is burnt, providing a great view of the charcoal.

Zhu’s Clubhouse- Atelier Deshaus

The Zhu’s Clubhouse is located in Zhujiajiao old town, Quingpu, Shanghai, which belongs to the Jiangnan Water Region.  The building was constructed in 2007. The clubhouse collects two traditional architectural spaces inside with a modern appearance. One is a residence that completely applies traditional Chinese building construction, the other is a corner that duplicate from a Chinese garden, Suzhou Lion Forest Garden.  There is Miesan free-flowing spaces on the first floor.  There is also a traditional space with a distinctive ambiance.

Peter Zumthor, Saint Benedict Chapel

Saint Benedict Chapel


The Saint Benedict Chapel located in the village of Sumvitg, Graubunden was designed and build in 1988.  The chapel was built in a small village in 1984, but was rebuilt in 1988 due to an avalanche.

Zumthor used modern materials to rebuild the chapel in a cylindar-shaped chapel. The interior space is mainly made out of wood showing Zumthor’s craftsmanship . Saint Benedict Chapel was built in the form of AD Classic style.