Kanonbådsvej 8 (2014)

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In 2014, the architectural firm, 3XN, redesigned and renovated a historic boat house in Copenhagen, Denmark. The firm renovated the old canon boat sheds from a place that was used for boat construction since 1826 to a waterfront office building.

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3XN redesigned the interior into a large open space with adequate meeting facilities and offices. This modern design was inspired by the ideal that 3XN wanted all of the employees to have a waterfront view. The interior has a feeling of openness and warmness due to the use of glass walls. One additional feature that 3XN used intentionally in this design was the inclusion of natural color wood to signify the building’s past into the new, modern redesign of the building. The space provides an open environment that influences creativity and interactions between workers in order to share knowledge and create a connective environment.

Source: http://www.3xn.com/img/6723/580/420/Fit/07_082_3xn_gxn_096_l?q=98

Richard Meier__ShenZhen Houses

I am glad to see that there are some of the famous house which are deigned by Richard Meier in China.

They are located on the top of a steep rolling mountains and valleys in ShenZhen. All of them are deigned as a special luxury houses and none of them are the same with each other.

The size of these house are from 600 to 1000 square meters, and the height and the number of floors are decided by the location of the house. As the Richard Meier explain that he wants to deigned a unique residents on the top of the mountains. Also, he hopes that these residents could be part of mountains. There is a special point that all of these houses include a large double-height living room which has the best view for south and east. This means that all of houses are faced on side.  shenzhen 1




ATO House

One of the places that has influenced me the most personally is my fraternity house. It is not just a house but a home, it has helped me build many relationship that will last beyond college. It has helped me hone my personal skills and taught me how to use these skills to accomplish what I want to do with my life. Everyone thinks all fraternities do is drink it is not true, it is just a bunch of like minded people who get together to do things one person could not achieve. Some examples are donating large amounts of time to doing charity work for the Community After School Program of Norman and other works. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.ouato.org/uploads/1/2/5/6/12563055/1383106144.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.ouato.org/&h=205&w=273&tbnid=YIhFR11azPO1ZM:&docid=ZTFFKMsMHQz3GM&ei=SdM2VrWEJ8G6ee2Tg8AG&tbm=isch&ved=0CB4QMygBMAFqFQoTCPXM-Yvh8MgCFUFdHgod7ckAaA

Bizzell Library

The one building I have probably spent more time in than any other is probably the Bizzell Memorial Library. It is such a nice place to study and do homework at. It is also a central hub for OU students to meet up to study. There are multiple floors and places to study but it always seems packed. Especially with new renovations to the CLC it makes it a very attractive place to work. This building has probably had the biggest impact on me because it is one of the only places I can sit down a study at. It also has just really nice areas such as the Great Reading room where students can study in complete silence.

e. OU_Bizzell_Library

Dale Hall

Taking a break from buildings across the world another one of the buildings that have had a influence on me is Dale Hall. Dale is the big lecture halls that all freshmen have one class or another. The way it is designed is perfect for teaching a large amount of people at once, so the big general education classes are all taught there. Dale means a lot to me because it was my first real college class experience and it taught me that college is indeed hard.

Dale hall

Taipei 101

One of the coolest building I have ever been to is Taipei 101. Back in before college I used to go visit my grandparents overseas and on one of those visits my grandmother took me to see at the time the tallest buildings in the world. I do not remember too much about the building because I was only 10 years old at the time but I do remember being amazed on how fast the elevators could go from the ground floor to the very top. It is over 1600 feet and it has over a hundred floors. I didn’t quite understand the magnitude of Taipei 101 at the time but I remember the view being amazing. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I saw a documentary based around the design and construction of the building that I really started to appreciate how awesome it is.

Image result for taipei 101Image result for taipei 101

Library of Congress

Another building that really impacted me is the Library of Congress particularly the Thomas Jefferson Building. It was also a stop on my middle school field trip to the US capitol. The Thomas Jefferson building is the largest of the buildings that make up the Library of Congress.  It was opened in 1897 making it the oldest of the buildings as well. Walking up to the building and seeing the columns and windows above the stairs makes it seem even bigger and more imposing. The reason why I like the building so much is that I have always loved reading as a child. My mom and I would go to the library when I was little and she would get me children’s version of classic novels and that’s what made me fall in love with literature. So seeing the massive Library of Congress with all those books really made me fall even more in love with books. It was just really amazing to see all that knowledge in one place.  

United States Capitol building

One of my favorite buildings is the United States Capitol building. I have always had a interest in government which naturally made this building to be the physical representation of government. It’s much an amazing place with so much history and symbolism behind it. Construction started on it back in 1793 almost right after it was completed the British burned some of it in the War of 1812. It gets renovated every so often also next year the new dome should be completed as well. Back in middle school we went to DC for a field trip and this building was the one I was most excited to see. The building was bigger than I imaged but the hustle and bustle of people walking around in suits was one of the coolest experiences ever.