SeaCity Museum


The SeaCity Museum was built as a memorial to the RMS Titanic. It was constructed in Southampton, England, where the ship set sail from in 1912. It houses three exhibits, two of which are permanent, and one of which is temporary.  Gateway to the World examines Southampton’s history as a hub of human migration, and Southampton’s Titanic Story explores the Titanic tragedy through the eyes of its crew.


Mendelsohn (Tahara) House- Erich Mendelsohn

Bet Tahara in Olsztyn Außenansicht 2012.jpg

In 1913, the Tahara House, also known as the Mendelsohn House, was completed by Erich Mendelsohn.  It is located in Olsztyn, Poland.  This building was used as a Jewish Tahara house to serve a a place of worship.

This building does not contain Mendelsohn’s usual style of a modernized/ futuristic twist.  It is suggested this building was built with influence of his father.  However, during WWII, this building sat vacant.

In current-day Poland, this building is now used as a center for intercultural dialogue.

Personally, this building is not one of my favorites of Mendelsohn’s buildings.  I enjoy his modernized buildings and find this one very plain.  Its a very traditional, simple design which is not very appealing to the eye.

Sagrada Família Schools



Gaudi designed this school late in his career. It focuses on simplicity of design. The footprint of the school is only 10m by 20m so there was no room for unnecessary embellishment, The simplicity of design utilized in this building has inspired other architects to do similar things.

I think this building is a bit less interesting than Gaudi’s other works, but that is probably because I do not see the architectural brillance in the simple building.

Kimbell Art Museum


The Kimbell Art museum is in Fort Worth Texas. It was designed by Louis Kahn. This building is widely renowned as a great piece of architecture. It houses some really great artwork and is free to visit.

I have been to the Kimbell a few times with a friend of mine who is an architecture major. He explains how the textures of the flooring changes and how natural light is used to illuminate the artwork. The design for the building is very interesting and having someone explain why it is so significant was helpful.


CBS Building – Eero Saarinen

CBS Building

This is another building that I was surprised to find out that Eero Saarinen designed. It is another building that I have gotten to see that this architect designed, and it really shows that an architect’s work is not limited to a specific type or kind of building. This building is the headquarters for CBS and opened in 1965 after Saarinen planned the building’s design with CBS’s president at the time, Frank Stanton. The construction of the CBS building included a large amount of dark granite, which led to the building being nicknamed the “Black Rock”. The building is located on Sixth Avenue in New York City, which makes the building a piece of “Broadcast Row”, which includes other buildings that are home to NBC News, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel. During my one visit to New York City, I had the chance to walk past the CBS Building, and I really enjoyed this part of NYC due to the fact that so much information and entertainment that is on TV today comes out of this area of New York.

U.S. Embassy London – Eero Saarinen


The U.S. Embassy in London, designed by architect Eero Saarinen, first opened in 1960 and was London’s first purpose-built embassy, while all other embassies at this time were located in historical buildings. The U.S. Embassy is a nine story building with three stories underground. Saarinen’s design of this building was extremely controversial after it was constructed due to the building’s adoption of modernism, which had not yet become popular in Britain. Also, the U.S. Embassy in London is still the largest embassy in all of Western Europe. This building was Eero’s only work outside of the United States, and the embassy was declared a landmark in 2009. Unfortunately, the embassy struggled with security issues and is now owned by Qatar and not the United States. Fortunately for Saarinen, the building opened one year before he passed away, so he was able to see the completion and opening of his only international project.

NEMO Science Center

NEMORenzo Piano designed the NEMO Science Center located in Amsterdam. This building is one of the most unique buildings I have ever seen. It is a giant copper-green shape that looks to be arising out of the water. This building is located on top of a tunnel, which proved to be challenging to Renzo, but he took that tunnel as inspiration for the shape of this building. This building looks very out of place to me. There is a roof-terrace (pictured below) that overlooks the city however, and this building seems like a unique place to visit.

NEMO Roof-Terrace

California Academy of Sciences Building


Renzo Piano designed the building in San Francisco, California for the California Academy of Sciences. He designed this building with the Academy’s mission in mind; to explore, explain, and sustain life. This building is located in Golden Gate Park, and has a green Living Roof, which fits in nicely. Renzo Piano found his inspiration in the concept of lifting a piece of the park up and putting a building under it. Because of this, the Living Roof is 2.5 acres and is used in the heating and cooling of the building. The six inches of soil on the roof help to insulate the building and the native plants allow it to be a natural habitat for local birds and butterflies. I have actually been to Golden Gate Park and have walked by this building but I didn’t know who designed it or how much thought went into designing this building. What I love when I saw it from the outside was that there were floor to ceiling windows which would allow you to still fell like you were in the park while you were in the building.94

The Pathé Foundation

Pathe-Foundation-Building-in-Paris-by-Renzo-Piano-Yellowtrace-01The Pathé Foundation building was designed by architect Renzo Piano and is located in Paris, France. The foundation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé is a cinema foundation. This building has a beautiful penthouse office space. This office is beautiful, and I would love to go into work there everyday. The penthouse has great natural lighting because of the building’s glass roof. Besides an office, this building houses old nitrate-films, permanent and temporary collections, and has a 70-seat screening room. The goal of this project was to create a warm and comfy workspace and they did this by using the light timber walls, floors, and shelves. They were able to blend wood and steel in a tasteful way. I really enjoyed the architecture of this building because it was unique and unlike most of the buildings I am used to and have researched.



45th Infantry Division Museum

the museum of 45th Infantry Division is a typical history museum which present history to us. from the name of this museum, we should understand that the museum is about the 45th Infantry Division. according to the history, the 45th Infantry Division was organized in 1923, and the Oklahoma members camped together for the first time at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in 1924.

I like to visit museums, because I can learn some knowledge from the museums. I have been to many museums in the Oklahoma, however this is the  one I like it very much. The reasons why I like this museum are that I can see one of the largest collections of military firearms, learn about the Thunderbirds in Korea, See World War II Artifacts, and see many of the exhibits on Oklahoma’s early military history.