Meyer House- Charles and Ray Eames

Meyer House

Eames house sideConstruction began on the Meyer House in Huntleigh, Missouri, in 1936.  This 7,000 square foot, red brick house was designed by Charles and Ray Eames, and is considered one of their best residential creations.  Charles Eames, who was described as playful and eccentric by his clients, took the lead on this house and decided to make this home as inviting and personal to the Meyer family as possible.  The stain glass was hand crafted and displayed intricate Greek themes.  Additionally, in various locations around the estate, Eames carved measures from the Meyer’s family’s favorite symphony, Mozart’s G-minor, into several brick clusters in the walls.

Meyer House Stain GlassMeyer House bricks


Snake River Lodge-Jackson Hole, WY

My favorite trip I have ever been on was my trip to Wyoming. We stayed in Jackson Hole, but went to Yellowstone National Park every day I was there. The hotel I stayed at was called Snake River Lodge. It was the coolest hotel/resort I have ever been to. It sits right below a mountain and it is absolutely gorgeous. I honestly would have enjoyed just spending a couple of days at the hotel just relaxing. The hotel even put up all these giant wooden carvings of bears across their property and you could look for them. You could even take a ski lift up the mountain to find some if it’s not too snowy.





Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris has always been one of my favorite cities, and I actually had the opportunity to visit it last spring for 3 days. I love the architecture of the entire city. To highlight, I decided to show a classic example of French Gothic architecture and a well-known Parisian building – the Notre Dame Cathedral. This building is 800 years old and it still holds up magnificently.

IMG_1693 IMG_1697Notre Dame de Paris, East View,images (1)  Notre-Dame-de-Paris-Interior-21696crp_10

my apartment in Beijing

This is my apartment when I was an undergraduate student in Beijing Normal University. It is a building famous for its oldness and raggedness in the circle of Beijing undergraduate students. When you just look at its outer wall, you may imagine this is a building with a long history and full of stories, this is also what I thought when I had the first sight of it. Just like the pictures in magazines and books, the grey wall is decorated with yellow flowers and green ivy, red window frames are matched the black tiles, and of course, there is a wooden dark red gate.


However, when I walked into the building, I was really shocked. May be “shocked” is not an enough word to express my feelings at that time. And “the inner is really consist with the outer” is the first sentence I said after I saw the inner decoration. It is hard to imagine that this is a building for undergraduate students in 21st century, it is more like a jail for prisons in 20th century. The floor is just made of cement without covering ceramic tiles, the doors for apartments are made of wooden which I suspect can be broken just after a kicking, and the most important, all the rooms are located along the two sides of the corridor, not a ray of light can go into the corridor. When I went into my apartment, no, that is not an apartment, but just a room shared by six girls, I felt more upset. Four double-bunk beds is just standing in the space of 20 squares. Luckily, in the crowded room, I get four-year happy memory with my lovely roommates.


Auckland Art Gallery by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp and Archimedia

Auckland Art Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand

The Auckland Art Gallery was built and designed by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp in association with Archimedia. The project provided an urban focus, diverse cultural experience, and helped show the history of the site with its importance to the city. The design was an addition to the original art gallery built in 1887.

Side-by-side of addition to original.

The addition was designed to allow natural light inside and was built with large glass windows. Key characteristics are the canopies that create the roof and add to the aesthetics appeal of the project. It shows a great contrasts between modern our modern century and the 17th century, showing progress in architectural styles, while also honoring the older style.

Vehicle Assembly Building NASA


Cape Canaveral the birth place of space exploration. The place where American engineers came together to build the monumental Saturn V rockets and the futuristic Space Shuttles. Completed in 1966 this building was designed by Max Urbahn Assosiates. It is over 500 ft. tall and is the largest building by volume. It also contains the tallest bay doors at 450 ft. in order to move the rockets out of the building which were at a height of  360 ft. Though I wasn’t able to step inside it was still amazing to be able to see it in person, because of what fascinating historic work I knew was accomplished indoors. This building symbolizes how far our country has come in technology, and that by coming together as a nation we can accomplish marvelous feats. For anyone who is interested to learn about space travel and all things NASA the Kennedy Space Center is definitely worth the trip.


Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication



Gaylord is one of the newer buildings on campus, and was completed in 2009. The building fits with OU’s cherokee gothic style of architecture, but adds some modern touches, like the large windows, to freshen it up. The mix of the two design ideas is what makes Gaylord such a good building to be in. It feels like OU, but has differences that make it feel special. The building also houses some very nice classrooms and labs that make going to class a bit more enjoyable. The only thing that has consistently annoyed me is the main staircase because it takes much longer than necessary to get to the third floor.

Leisure Dome in Baku, Azerbaijan by 3Deluxe

Although this particular building by 3Deluxe is still under construction, Leisure Dome Baku more than deserves to be mentioned because of its breath-taking design. At first glance, the entire structure appears to be a giant water drop, held in place only by a silky, white web. And, being surrounded in most directions by the Caspian Sea, this water droplet seems perfectly in place.


Furthermore, the building will be an amazing example of sustainable design, with a focus on low consumption due to the building’s use of light and water. Specifically, the glass dome allows for efficient use of electricity, while the dome’s giant aquarium facilitates an efficient water usage process.

I can’t wait to see what the building looks like when construction finishes, and I’d love to see it in person some day.

Park Synagogue- Erich Mendelsohn

The Park Synagogue resides in Cleveland, Ohio.  This building serves as the Jewish Congregation building.  It is one of the oldest Jewish Congregation buildings in Ohio too.  The building was built in 1922.  I find it odd that of all the buildings I have researched that Mendelsohn has built, this does not follow his normal building style of a modern-like building. This is one of the few buildings that are not white and do not display sharp edges and large windows, actually the complete opposite! This dome is the most round thing I have seen him build.  Many think the dome was used to allow noise to travel to all sides of the room so hearing was not an issue.  Others believe it makes the building seem more secretive much like our government buildings are today.

River Clay Condominiums- Jones Design Group

For my first architect post, I have chosen to show their work at the River Clay Condominiums. My decision came from the fact that one of the biggest issues we have discussed in this class has been sustainability and efficiency. We’ve spent so much time talking about trying to make buildings more efficient and environmentally friendly that I thought this building was a good example. I wanted to first show the standard living room of this building that Jones Design Group created.

River Clay Study


What really stood out to me most was the wall design. When I first noticed the wall, I thought it looked like a flowing river, but then I saw a field of grass, after which it quickly transformed into a forest of trees. I love how they have taken a simple texture and given it such an environmental and natural look. The next room was the dining room.

River Clay Kitchen

Normally I am not a big fan of any shade of green, but I was absolutely amazed with the work Jones Design Group did in creating this beautiful kitchen and dining area. They have managed to take an area that normally does not seem natural and given it the look and feel of living out in nature. I think this can most be seen with the beautiful wooden table and the minimal light fixtures. Overall this building just seemed so beautiful and I think it is amazing that Jones Design Group was able to take something like a condominium and help give it a look of sustainability and naturalness.