The Burnette Residence

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Wendell Burnette built and designed his own residence in Phoenix, Arizona. The features of this house were “explicitly made to the sensory experiences of our natural world.” There is not a lot of information about the house other than what is available on the architect’s website, but from his description, it is obvious that he built the house to be surrounded by nature and “touching only the site that was previously disturbed,” so it seems to be in an area of Phoenix’s natural landscape that is mostly preserved. As you can tell from the pictures, the house was built around the existing landcape (taking the shape of the ground that it was built on versus completely taking out the landscape so that the house could be built). This house seems like a sort of maze and so open to the outdoors! It is not my ideal “home” but it definitely seems like a sanctuary that would be an amazing place to escape to!


Superdome-New Orleans

The Superdome in New Orleans is a one of a kind of football stadium.  If I did not know what it was, I would not have guessed that it is home to a professional football team.  But on the inside, it gives off a great football vibe.  Its not uncomfortable and it gets loud in the dome.  I will always have a special memory at the Superdome from when we played and beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.  My dad and I decided to go last minute, and it turned out to be a great trip and an even better game.


Reunion Tower-Dallas

When I think about Dallas, I think about the very distinct skyline that it has.  This skyline reminds me of my favorite sports teams, my family, and home.  The Dallas skyline’s most distinct building is Reunion Tower, or the ball.  It is usually lit up white at night, but it often changes colors for special events.  My favorite design that it lights up with is the OU logo when we beat Texas.  This building is a very distinct part of the Dallas skyline and it helps to remind me of home.

Devon Energy Tower

I have lived in Norman for three years now, and I have made several trips to Oklahoma City during this time.  I have gone for sporting events, for the restaurants, and simply to explore a little.  This past February, I was able to go into Devon Tower for a formal event.  This building changed my perception of Oklahoma City for the best.  This is by far the nicest building in the OKC area.   I was able to go to the top floor and look over the city, so I was able to look at all of OKC from above.  It was a really cool  experience and this is what I tell people about when they ask me if I’ve been to Oklahoma City.

Richard Meier_Harumi Residential Towers

In 2009, Richard Meier begin to design this residential towers with his group. According to official information that these towers will be finished in 2016.

This project is located the coastal promenade in Tokyo. It is one of the Mitsubishi’s residential area which is the largest and most prestigious residential area in Japan. Harumi Residential Towers reflect that the Mitsubishi’s group want to makes Tokyo becoming an international city and a symbol of Japan. The residential buildings are an important part of local environment and local culture. Even these two towers look like the same, they are different with each other, and both of them have their own characteristics. Also, all of these characteristics are related to local environment and local traditional buildings. More important is that Richard Meier opened the view for sky and seascape.

Harumi Residential Towers



Quantum of the Seas-Tom Wright

Quantum Northstar design WKK 2

Though I can’t give all credit to Tom Wright on this one (it’s his whole design team), it’s still a very exciting project. For this project, he worked with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on their brand new cruise ship line. This one is absolutely incredible because the ship is gorgeous and features an indoor basketball court that they have the ability to convert into a skating rink or a bumper car arena. A brand new invention that Tom Wright and his associates specifically created for this ship: the Northstar viewing pod. This is a luxury pod connected to a crane that takes the guests up and swings them (gently) out over the water so that they can look at the ocean in a new and exciting way. I’m afraid of heights, so it seems kind of scary to me, but it would still be an awesome experience to feel like you’re just dangling over the water. I imagine it would be kind of like you’re flying a space shuttle through the air. This ship is huge, too, and I would definitely like to take a cruise, because of how beautiful it is. quantum-north-star.jpg

South Quarter, Jakarta- Tom Wright

First off, let me start this second post on Tom Wright by saying that he is very difficult to find information on, as the only building of note he’s already finished is the Burj Al Arab. However, these are the future and/or current projects listed on his sight.

Construction progress August 2013

WKK South Quarter Jakarta 10.jpg

Here we have the South Quarter, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This project is actually going to be a multi-use development with offices and restaurants, as well as living quarters and shopping. It will be spread out across 5 different towers. This construction is also very earth-friendly, which is nice considering it is so many buildings. For example, there is something called a grey water recovery system that leads to a 25% reduction in fresh water demand for the project. There is also an organic facade around the building that reduces the energy demand for the buildings by 35%. These buildings in the South Quarter will also have nature roofs to harvest the natural and abundant rainfall in Jakarta. So far, they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing buildings I’ve seen, but I like that they’re earth conscious and it’s a cool concept to have all of your living necessities in one development.

Carson Pirie Scott Building- Chicago

carson prie

This is the Carson Pirie Scott building located in Chicago. It was designed by architect Louis Sullivan opened in 1899. It was designed to be a shopping center. I think this building is not what you would that a mall is supposed to look like.I like the windows on this building. They are longer than they are tall, which is not common. I think they make the building look long. I also like the round edge of the building.This building was recently renovated in 2011. It is still a shopping center though.

The Burj Al Arab by Tom Wright


This is a building that most people will recognize created by the architect Tom Wright. It is located in Dubai and is a hotel that is literally out in the ocean. The Burj Al Arab is designed to be in the shape of a sail, resembling the sail boats that coast around in the ocean. This is the third tallest hotel in the world, however 39% of it’s total height is space that can not be occupied. They literally created an island to build the hotel on, and it is connected to mainland Dubai via a bridge. Tom Wright wanted to create something that would be iconic for Dubai, just like the Sydney Opera House is to Australia. The outside of the building is amazing, but the inside of the building is stunning. It has a huge lobby and ocean inspired decor. I had seen this building before but I hadn’t really thought about just how cool it is. Like this is an architectural magical feat built in 6 years and it is grandiose and features a huge fish tank in the middle of one of the restaurants. So if you haven’t looked at this building in detail before, I encourage you to, because it has a lot of awe-factors.

Jenks High School Math and Science Center





I attended Jenks High School from 2009-2013 and over the course of my time there it changed a lot.  The campus is huge and is almost like a college campus with several buildings spread out.  There a lot of old, ugly buildings, but they built several new buildings that are much more pleasing to the eye.  Among the new buildings is the Math and Science Center, finished in 2011.  The look of the building is really modern, with lots of glass and a planetarium at the top.  They also designed the building to be more like our school colors with the maroon brick, and maroon, white, and gray painted building materials.  That was opposed to the yellow-ish colored bricks and turquoise painted roofs on the other buildings.  The classrooms were really nice because they actually had windows, unlike the classrooms in other buildings that either didn’t or were blocked by bushes.  The ceilings were open also so the classrooms had a bigger feel than they actually were.  The floor plans also allowed for the building to have a very open feel with a large entryway and wide hallways.  A lot of students chose to take harder maths and sciences in order to get to have a class in the building, and I was one of them.  This building was by far my favorite on campus and I looked forward to my classes that were in that building.